#1678 – “Bimbo” (Bingo)

When? 05/11/2020 6:40 PM
Where? Baggley Park (1410 E. Parkcenter Blvd), Boise
Trail: A to A
  • Bimbos
  • Wayward Hashers
  • Hashit
  • Hash Artifacts
What else?

 8:00pm circle on Zoom (open at 6:30pm)


Meeting ID: 576 809 677      Password: BH3

“Bimbo” (Bingo)
Trail will be ready by noon through 6:50pm

  • 70’s model Trek road bike with red handle bar grips will be locked up to a tree at the playground equipment / near the pavilion.   Take a Zip-lock trail bag (1 per) from the black pannier bags which will have a Bimbo Bingo card and a marker.   There will be wipes for good measure.
  • The objective is to mark as many of the BIMBO items as you see – Think scavenger hunt.
  • There will be a beer check!
    • Silver Subaru hatchback will be parked somewhere on trail near the BN mark, and the back window will also be clearly marked.
    • Open the hatchback and help yourself to a nice cold beer, with wipes and bags for cans and waste.   Will leave cards with my name and cell number at the beer check just in case there is an issue.
  • Bring your Bimbo cards to circle at 8pm on Zoom


Cornballer  (AKA Julie)