#1675 – Picture This !

When? 04/20/2020 6:40 PM
Where? Your Own Fucking Home (TBD), TBD
Trail: Z to Z
  • Mask, Buff, Bandanna or whatever to cover up
  • Tech
  • Hashit
  • Hash Artifacts
  • Wayward Hashers
  • Crooked Imagination
What else?
8:00pm circle on Zoom (open at 6:30pm)


Meeting ID: 576 809 677      Password: BH3

The theme is draw a picture!  

Best picture, voted on by the Hash during “circle”, gets a roll of toilet paper!
Insider tip:  If you want to draw diagonal lines through blocks or buildings, stop your GPS at one point and restart it where you want the line to end. You won’t record the mileage, but you can get cleaner designs. 



Little Fast Fuck and Trashy Ho