#1674 – Mimic Beer Factor’s Trail

When? 04/13/2020 6:40 PM
Where? Your Own Fucking Home (TBD), TBD
Trail: A to A
  • Beer and a Vessel
  • Tech
  • Hashit
  • Hash Artifacts
  • Virgins
  • Wayward Hashers
What else?

See details of Trail below…  8:00pm circle on Zoom.  (open at 6:30pm)

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Meeting ID: 576 809 677
Password: BH3

Beer Factor’s choose your own adventure mimic trail

Here are the guidelines: BF will give 1 good beer prize for closest/best version of this trail.
Choose your own adventure/mimic trail. Closest to my mileage and path wins!

Notes: 1 block (=.12 miles =/-) , technology encouraged for photo evidence of trail.

You may cross trail 1 time.

You must run up and down a dead end street.

Options: Take a photo or find one piece of trail treasure, Photos of boobs go to Dildo Shaggins, Photos of dicks go to Rusty Party Bottom, Video of song check, trail treasures encouraged, run near a park(not in).

Go to the mileage or next available 4 way stop/block.

Start at any intersection:

Go left one block, or to next intersection, Turn left go for 4 blocks (.5 miles),Turn left run 4 blocks. Turn Right run 7 blocks, at next intersection turn right. Go 3 blocks, turn left. Go 4 blocks (.5 miles) Turn right for 5 blocks. At next intersection turn right.Go 10 blocks or 1 mile. Turn left at next intersection, go 2 blocks, turn left go 2 blocks, turn right, go 3 blocks turn right, go 10 blocks, turn left go 1 block, turn right go 3 blocks..make your way back to start.



Beer Factor