#1673 – Stage Slut’s CoRUNa Hash

When? 04/06/2020 6:40 PM
Where? Your Own Fucking Home (TBD), TBD
Trail: A to A
  • Beer and a Vessel
  • Friends
  • Hashit
  • Hash Artifacts
  • Tech
  • What you Found on Trail
What else?

8:00pm circle on Zoom.  (meeting open at 6:30pm)

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Meeting ID: 576 809 677
Password: BH3

Get ready for Stage Slut’s CoRUNa Hash
Heave your fat assess off the couch, get some exercise, have a little fun, spread some joy and then join us for the circle to share your stories and treasures.  Here are your challenges:
  • Social distancing doesn’t have to mean antisocial – say hello to at least five people on your run
  • Waterfowl don’t get the virus – just bird flu – take a selfie with a duck or a goose
  • The virus doesn’t discriminate and neither should you; collect a black rock and a white rock
  • While you’re out, enjoy nature and bring a little home to your sad and lonely abode – collect a leaf and a flower
  • Take some chalk with you on your run and write an encouraging message on the sidewalk to brighten someone’s day
  • See how many other people are getting out and about – count the cyclists you see.  Tandems count double.
Join circle with tales and treasures from the trails.




Stage Slut