#1571 – Snatches Bday Hash

When? 04/23/2018 6:40 PM
Where? Magnolia Park (7136 N BOGART LN), Boise
Trail: A to A
  • $7 - $10 Hash Cash - Hash Cash will be a donation to Robles Family
  • Friends
  • Hashit
  • Hash Artifacts
What else?

This is a new park off of Bogart Lane.  So far Google Maps has it wrong and unlabelled.

It is located on Bogart Ln between Hill Road and State Street.


Hash Cash will be donated to Robles family.

Suggested donation $10 goes to the family of long time Hyde Park Pub employee Jason Robles. https://www.facebook.com/hydeparkpub?fref=search

We’ll have brats from Hyde Park Pub!


Snatch and Sniff

Little Fast Fuck