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Charlie Brown's Lounge5783 Overland Rd.322-9896 Cindy - Manager05/11/2009$5 domestic pitchersSmoky loved the hash opened up happy hour prices after circle.
Mac & Charlies (formerly The Hanger)507 W. Main Street(208) 343-5159Eddie (co-owner)Nov 2010 (In 2011-2 wasn't open on Mondays)Monday pitchers $6 PBR $7 other domestics but 2 for 1 ($3 pitchers!) for BH3 in March 09 and previous. Nov 2010 hares negotiated $5 pitchers.Go in to negotiate.
Sockeye Grill & Brewery3019 N Cole Rd Boise83704658-1533Manager2006 ?$14.00 pitchers - microbrews onlyHas a private room. 10/12/10 cool response so went elsewhere.
Buster's in EagleState Street Eagle03/24/2003$6.00 Domestic-Bud Bud Lt Coors LtThe staff was very friendly they loved us great spacious patio
Navajo Room4900 Emerald Street Boise ID 83706 (208) 343-5817Cory (previous info)2012$5 pitchers (previous info)
McCleary's Pub604 N. Orchard StreetJan-2013 Hare: hash friendly
Overland Bar3907 Overland Rd (208) 336-4707Steve or Jan Summer 03$5 pitchersKaraoke! A little small.
Bouquet (The) CLOSEDMain Street345-6605Erich Walton2010 Hare: All Night Stand$5 pitchers Bud Light Coors Light PBRThis bar was closed much or all of 2012. Supposedly remodeling for 2013 reopening under similar name.
Dutch Goose (The)State Rd next to Veteran's Memorial ParkTom the owner if you want to try to get a better price. You might catch him cooking lunch or more likely at his restaurant/bar in Star. Efforts to leave messages for him have been unsuccessful.4/9/12 8mm Short Too Drunk$5.50 domestic 48-oz "small pitchers" (regular Mon. price) not 60-oz. (A $5.50 small pitcher is equivalent to a $6.88 60-oz so to meet our max of $6.00 these would need to be $4.80 or less.Tom blames BH3 for a broken toilet and a towel dispenser ripped off the men's room wall during 2011 and won't believe that it wasn't us. In 2012 we we've been there for January beer stop and the whole April 9 hash. There were no incidents either time. Before the April 9 hash Tom said if there was no further damage that he'd CONSIDER dropping the price to $5.00 pitchers next time but that's still the equivalent of a $6.25 sixty-ounce pitcher.
Lucky Dog Tavern2223 W Fairview Ave(208) 333-0074Daniel Baker Manager3-2010 St. Patty Hash$5.00 pitchers Bud light Coors lightCall in advance so bar can be staffed for us. Use patio during summer if smokey inside. Dog friendly.
Lift (The)4091 W. State St Boise 83703(208) 342-325011/30/2009$5.50 DomesticsStill Nice Folks and plenty of room. VERY hash friendly! Loud inside during the football season.
TK BarGowan Road across from Outlet Mall331-0654 (when on Federal Way)Gene (grumpy guy with long gray beard owner)11/16/2009 on Federal Way$5.00 pitchersFederal Way location was demolished in 2012. It was a low key dive bar perfect. The owner is in a band they played for us pre and post circle. Gene loves us. Current location has not been hashed at: it is much nicer but probably still hash friendly.
Ben's Crow InnWarm Springs342-9669Margie or (Vicki and Ben)4/8/2013 BH3's 25th BD aka AV. Hares: Semicuntductor Shaved Ice Ass To Mouth$7.00 domestic pitchers $10.00 for (6)-16oz PBR cansThe Crow loves the Hash. If kids around do circle outside. Wheelhopper did a PG circle due to kids outside. On 3/25/13 Crow saved our butts again when Lucky 13 was un-friendly. High on the preferred list.
Sunray CafeHyde Park(208) 343-2887Lisa is mgr in 2013 Dave is owner.3/11/2013 Run #1300. Hares: Konnilingus & Too Drunk$7.00 PBR pitchers (Owner Dave added Coors Lt or was it Bud Lt? so we'd have variety). Hares paid the cost above $6 which was $30 (we had 30 people and drank 30 pitchers)Had to leave a written message ("30-50 people & pitchers $7 like last time") since no mgr or owner there when I went in during afternoon. Mgr Lisa phoned back late the next day clearly had no idea who hash was said she couldn't do $7 like last time only $8 but eventually agreed. She also negotiated a $1/person tip for bartender Mike B who "normally leaves at 7". Spoke with Dave sitting at bar before hash he is OK with us until they get busy in warmer weather. Since the mgr didn't know us and could negotiate I suggest starting on Monday or Tuesday and telling them you need $6.
10th Street Station10th Street north of Main StreetBatender has been the Owner when we've been there.2/4/2013 Hare: Cape Cock & Little Fast F.$6.50 domestics 8 pm to 10 pm regular price.Friendly enough tough location so probably needs our business. Beer price is above $6.00/60oz pitcher maximum ... so hares should expect to pay excess if can't negotiate better.
Eastside Tavern610 E. Boise Ave. @ Apple388-8700JeffOct-17-2011$5.00 PBR pitchersNice big room for us. Friendly. Call ahead & request waitress.
Jim's Alibi2710 Broadway Ave(208) 342-9220 Emily4/23/2012 Afghan Left Hand; Bloody Bush$5 pitchers PBR?They were very excited to have us the patio worked out great. They have Karaoke but we didn't ask to use it.
End Zone (The)1010 Broadway Blvd. Boise ID 83706(208) 384-0613Brad Selvig2005Great place for Winter or Summer (Great Patio) Hashes. Opened for Christmas Day Hash once!
Jumpin' Janet's572 Vista Avenue Boise ID 83705-1709(208) 342-7620Janet1/2/2012 Pump N'Run Handjob Taint Tat TittyHard-Onin 2010: $6 for PBR Miller High Life and Rolling Rock (60 oz. pitchers)Not too busy during Monday Night Football.
Main Street Bistro609 West Main 😉345-9515Clay @ 866-2524Feb. 13 2006 (Red Dress Run)Monday Madness $5 at door w/ID & a bottomless cupOpen at @ 8 make arrangements to open earlier so we can gather and use restrooms inside. They will sell $5 pitchers only for the down-downs.
Cricket's1228 Oakland Ave.344-623507-Dec$6Smokey no Credit Cards
Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's club1500 Grove St. Boise ID 83703.15th and Grove208-761-1558Doug Hanson friend of Poke My Hot AssFeb-24-2003$4.00 domestic pitchers (given by previous manager no longer there)tried to organize hash for Feb 2004 there but the current manager was un responsive.
Donnie Mac's CLOSED1515 W Grove St(208) 384-9008Donnie04/12/2010$4 PBR $5 Bud Closed as of 1/2012 now a deli.
Papa Joe's1301 S. Capitol @ University on Ann Morrison Park side12/12/11 Hares: Silver Fairy 6.00/pitcher budlight or Coors LightGood fast staff-Families are usually gone by the time circle starts
Woody's (formerly The Plank)650 S Vista Ave. Boise ID 83705(208) 336-1790 Chris (was Manager when it was The Plank)2009In 2009 and before when it was the Plank there were some hassles here.
Terry's State Street TavernCorner of State Street and CollisterThere is no phone number listed for have to go in and talk to the bartender.The bartender will call the manager and get approval. It's strange cuz they won't letu talk to him directly. I came in at around 5 and talked to the bartender she called the manager and got approval immediately. 12.24.07 3sCo's Christmas Moon Eve. Hash$5 pitchers - arrange at time of contact and remind the bar tender when you show up that the price was negotiated with the manager ahead of time. A bit smokey...sometimes a lot smokey. Outdoor patio.
Balcony Club (The)150 N 8 BOISE ID 83702-5895. Downtown336-1313Dave or DaveSt. Patty's 3/16/09$5 or $6 but you must check a week in advance and make sure >Better to avoid. They rapidly "ran out of" all their kegs of domestics at the negotiated price. If you must check ahead and make sure that they only serve us domestics at the negotiated price and will not run out.
LuLu's Pizza2594 Bogus Basin Rd387-4992friends of Fun Bags10/18/2010$7.00They stayed open later for us. Nice patio. Inside space is small. Discount on pizza.
Dolly's (formerly Pitchers & Pints) CLOSED 1108 W. Front St.906-1355DollyFall 2012 Hare: Snatch N'SniffWes era: PBR and R.Rock pints $1 60-oz pitchers $4 pint cans of PBR $1. Wes sold it to Dolly in Fall of 2012 before our last hash. Later sign changed to "Dollys". By December appeared to be closed and a hasher saw people removing bar stools. Still closed in Jan.2013
Symposion2801 Fletcher St(208) 342-9420Anna Manager1/28/2013 Run #1294 Just Casey Eager Beaver & Shag My Growler$6 PBR pitchers (2013 regular price) per a 2012 hare: "they won't budge for lowerSmoke Free and dog friendly!
Tom Grainey's Sporting Pub109 South Sixth Street (6th and Main)208 345 2505MobePuppy's 50th Bday Hash April 2007$6 domestic pitchers (very small pitchers)Originally were very excited to have us. But ended up with small pitchers and bartender failed to stop pouring at requested cut off. Also complained about poor tip after poor service.
Stone House next to the Ram665 Park Blvd (Broadway and Myrtle)345-2173 (Ram 345-2929)Jeff Trent (Ram Kevin Martinez)Mar-07-2006Wants $6+Tax/PitcherWill give it a try if you can either get them to knock the price/pitcher down.
The Tap House (formerly The Lobby fmly Lush)760 W. Main St. Boise ID. 1/11/2010 when it was The Lobby
Broadway Bar (Ves's)1712 S. Broadway Ave342-9951Don Wilcox - Manager03/21/2011$5 PBR pitchers $6 domesticsFriendly place Don loved us was taking pictures during circle.
McCleary's Pub9155 West State Street Garden City ID 83714-1733(208) 853-9910Dec-2012 Hare: Lou Gags Me DiseaseIn 2009: $5.50 (happy hour ) price however Hare will need to go in and speak with mng to assure pricinghash friendly loved having us in 2009 asked us to please come back! Since it is in Garden City it is still a bit smoky. Good location for an outdoor hash because they have a large patio.
Hyde Park Pub (Formerly Harry's)1501 N 13th St Boise ID 83702 . 13th & Alturas336-9260Contact Father Feces via hashmail. He is best to contact John a backsliding hasher named "Alcoholics Unanimous"3/11/2013 Konnilingus & Too Drunk for Run #1300.$6.00 Bud Light for beer stop (only) outdoor deck in cool weatherWe can start here or have beer stops here (best outside) but no longer good for our post-run circle (volume language) because of their clientele & a too-prominently located outdoor patio. Outside of hashing is frequented by hashers.
The Torch: A Gentlemen's Club 1826 W Main Boise ID 83702 (208) 344-0218 Joanna 867-2292 (owner. Loves us)07 March 2011 "Lundi Gras" Hash$5.00 pitchers. The torch doesn't have a cover. Fantastic treatment via plentiful SWAG and Beads handed out by the manager.Great place always fun. We get our own room and stage
Little Dutch Garden1910 S Owyhee St (the Bench)(208) 342-9034Scott (Owner. only there on mondays)Dec-12-2005$4.50 for "light" beer (Small pitchers!)Good for winter and Summer (great patio). Plastic cups needed.
Turner's4022 W. State St.342-9090KC (? don't know if I wrote that down correctly) Manager2010-ish. In 2012 Three's Co. arranged for a beer stop but the weather forced a shorter trail so didn't get there.$5 pitchersSmoke free! In 2012 the Manager was bummed that we didn't make it. Wants us really bad!
Willi B's Sandwich Saloon (fmly The Nuthouse fmly Stubbs)12505 W Chinden Blvd378-8273Steve Carper (owner)12/28/09 (when The Nuthouse)Willy B's was very accomodating to the Cleveland Browns Backers in September 2012 but is untested for a hash. The have a small outdoor area on the side.
Parilla Grill1512 N 13th (Hyde Park). Boise ID 83702208.323.4688Scott Graves (owner). In 2012 he told a friend who wanted to hare there that he was so busy now that he "no longer needed the hash" and the hare chose The Sunray instead.11/09 Full Moon Hash Negotiated with Scott for $5 pitchers of Coors LIght and Bud Light. When I checked in with the bar at 5 pm...the bartender did not know we were coming. I told him the arrangement. He told me that they did not have Coors we agreed on PBR. He called Scott and was told to charge us $6. No more $1.00 tacos! 🙁
Wiseguy Pizza Pie106 N. 6th1 208 336 7777Ryan - Manager/Owner02/16/2013$6 Pitchers of Rainier YUM!Very nice to deal with. Great open space and patio. Wiseguy loves the Hash
Fatty's800 W. Idaho St.514-2531 x73/18/2013 Hares: All Night Stand & Richie CuntinghamHave to leave a message and hope that they get back with you.
Drink (formerly Montego Bay)3000 N Lakeharbor Ln208-853-5070Justin (New Owner)11/12/2012 Pedal-File Ass to Mouth$5.00 all pitchersJustin also owns Fatty's loves the Hash and only asks that we let him know if it's going to be a very large group so he can have extra kegs on hand.
Ranch Club (The)3544 W Chinden Blvd Garden City(208) 343-7447Al?11/01/2010$5.50 pitchers and $2 16oz MicrosThey love the hash. Karaoke occasionally. Smoky but they have a decent size outdoor patio.
Suds1024 Broadway Ave(208) 345-9656"Griffy"04-Mar2013$6.00Great place worked out well.
Sammy's Bar (formerly Gustos)509 Main Street Boise208-345-2505Dec. 2011 Hare: Too DrunkRegularly 50-cent 12-oz PBR cans PBR Lt Rainer Bud Lt & Old Mil equivalent to $2.50 60-oz pitcher. Earlier in 2011 someone negotiated $5 PBR.GREAT hash bar. Regular prices and free-food may be tied to Monday Night Football. Neither bartender or bouncer restocked the bar from the back cooler so "ran out" of cans ... so we finished up with a few $6 pitchers. Bartender said he would have stocked more cans at bar if he knew we were going to be drinking them.
Crescent No Lawyers5500 W Franklin Rd.322-9856JodiJan-2011 Twatooie Bananarama Rabid Transit$5 pitchers Keystonelots of space food
Office (The) CLOSED6125 W. Fairview Avenue Boise ID 83704Carl (Co-Owner - formerly Bad Irish former mgr of The Hanger)2/24/2011 8mm Short & Too Drunk$5.00 60-oz pitchers Coors Lt Bud and Bud Lt (PBR was "out")Closed as of 1/2012 still closed 1/2013
Buster's in BoiseBroadway AvenueFall 2012 (BLH3) Hares: K.O. & Too DrunkDid not negotiate I think 60oz pitchers $9 and 22-oz glasses $3There was no entry for a BH3 hash so this is a BLH3 one. Muster 6:69 on-out about 7:30 (half-time of football). About 9:30 back to Buster's for long loud circle.
Legends Sports Bar Pub n GrillNear Overland Theatres01/15/2012$6.00 PBR pitchers (lg) Coors Light $9.00+ BudLight $12.95!Not Bad. We moved ourselves back to the pool table area (concrete floors). Wanted us out of the carpeted dining area. Service was constant.
Refuge (The) Formerly Harry's on Parkcenter404 E Parkcenter Blvd.208.424.8211CoOwner/Manager Heather LaRocco: 208.353.1418 for pricing01/07/2008 under previous Harry's management6.00 Harry's PricesToo many Famlies during JAN08 hash and workers didn't know about arranged pricing. New workers say Monday's are slow and no families during the time we usually do circle.
Opa (Hash-friendly bar part is CLOSED)213 North 8th Street(208) 342-6555Bartender Chris Gerono AKA "Nipples on the Rocks" or Owner Max Mohamadi04JAN09 Fiesta Bowl hash$6.00SO LONG OPA! WE'LL MISS YOU!
Fireside Inn1610 North 31st Street Boise ID 83703(208) 342-9075Jim M-F 11a-5p12/31/12 hare: Father Feces$6.00No cards
Lucky 13Harris Ranch344-6967Liza schedules 573-04373/25/2013 attempt went to Ben's instead. Hares: Three's Co. & Naughty Nuf Sex$8.00 PBR ($2.00 /pitcher more than happy hour)Not welcome. Details from Hares: Lisa likes us but we don't fit with her clientele and had numerous complaints the last time we were there. She's open to having us on the patio when weather is better. But there's no fucking way if she won't discount beer!
O'Michaels Pub and Grill2433 N Bogus Basin Rd(208) 342-8948Mike Moad (owner) - Co-owner DaveNO MORE HASHES! Remove from the bar list!!NO Pitchers of beer available for Monday Hashes!Contacted 3/2012 after it sounded like they may be up for having us back; however they changed their minds and said absolutely NOT.
R Bar1041 Broadway Ave629-0029Erin Mercer/Andy RedfordJan-2013 Hare: Pump N'Run(2010) $5 PBR pitchers $8 microshash friendly
Quarter Barrel (The) formerly Mr. Lucky's4902 W Chinden Blvd327-0925new management again since last hash02/22/2010$5 PBR and $6.50 other domestic 60 oz pitchers (need Biggles to confirm)now non-smoking
Sapphire (CLOSED)622 Idaho StMario02/12/2011$5 PBR but if they run out will substituteThey prefer as much notice as possible to make sure they have plenty of keg beer
Willy B's Sandwich Saloon (MOVED)500 W. Idaho (moved in 2012)(208) 331-5666Steve Carper10/19/2009$5 PBR/Coors/BudBetween Flying M & Guidos. Very small - only use for run-throughs. But they love us!
1) Note to HaresPreferred price-per-pitcher is $5.00 or less for standard 60-oz pitchers. $6.00 is maximum. If it HAS to be more or for advice contact the Beer Boy. Currently hare(s) are responsible for costs exceeding $6 per/60-oz pitchers. Please be aware of "small pitchers" - these are only 48-oz so they need to be $4.80 or less to be equivalent to a $6.00 standard 60-oz pitcher.

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