Setting Trail

Hare Raising on the Web

Introduce Yourself!

If the Web Slave doesn’t know you are, you better rectumfy that. Introduce yourself and send him a picture of your bad self so you can become infamous on the web. While you’re at it, read all the rest of the instructions here on this page!

Signing Up for an Upcumming Hash

Fill out the form to the right. If you can’t figure out the form, simply email the details of your hash to the Hare Raiser, and said Hare Raiser will be happy to enter the details for you.

If you’re a virgin hare, don’t go it alone.

If you are a virgin hare, partner up with an experienced co-hare to keep from screwing up your trail. Send an email out to the mailing list. Otherwise, email the Hare Raiser for help.

Theme Hashes are fun, but “too much of a good thing” can ruin it. The Red Dress run (always laid on the Monday before/after Valentines Day), the Lingerie Hash and the Easter Egg Hunt Hash are old standbys. Be creative, but understand Hashers are notoriously flakey in adhering to themes. Don’t be afraid to scrap the theme idea as well and spend time just laying a great trail.

Round up the Beer & the Venue.

Private Residences or Public Places

We prefer these in order to minimize the cost of the Hash. With private residences, buying cans of beer is cheaper than paying for pitchers, and we usually don’t have to worry about interference from the Police or Non-Hashers. When running from a public area (i.e. parks), pay special attention to the laws governing that public space! Some parks do not allow drinking, and nearly all close at Sunset. Bawdy songs can cause unwanted whining from Non-Hashers, and God forbid anyone expose a body part outside a private residence in Boise, ID. Please have a plan for recycling the empties, and be sure to get the extras to the Beer Boy.

Speaking of the Beer Boy, that’s who you should ask about quantity of beer. This varies seasonally, and we continue to grow. Fourteen full cases are about the norm these days. Coors Light, Bud Light, & PBR have large fan bases. The occasional Henry’s and plenty of even shittier swill like Keystone, Busch, Oly, or whatever’s on sale.


Bars are great if do your homework and find one that’s willing to give us cheap pitchers and has no problem putting up with our naughty little songs and displays. When we run from bars we usually incur more cost, so we simply cannot do them every week. This is important if we are to have enough money in the coffers by October to have a great Hashoween party (if you haven’t been to a BH3 Hashoween party you’ll understand why this is important when you finally attend one). Here are some guidelines for setting a Hash from a bar:

  • Review the Bar List to see if the Bar you want to lay the trail from has been used before, and examine the feedback on that bar. If you are laying the trail from a bar that isn’t listed, pay special attention to the following steps.
  • The Hare contacts the bar manager/owner (not some flunky who “just works there”), and ensures the facilities can handle our numbers.
  • If they don’t know who we are, disclose what we’re about (Drinking and Running). Bar owners don’t care about the running, but they do care about how many customers we bring and how much beer (and food) they are going to sell. The Hare should also get a feel for what the customer climate of the bar will be on the night of their Hash. We don’t want to be singing dirty songs if there are families and kids present, or showing our body parts (that last one pains me, but the bar could lose their license under Idaho code if we do that). Oh, by the way, always check for the presence of Bud Light on tap (Kolonel Klink gets even grumpier if he doesn’t get his Bud Light fix).
  • Negotiate the price of pitchers: Don’t ever lay a Hash from a bar that doesn’t have pitchers because buying individual bottles or glasses will kill us. The first rule of price haggling is “Always ask for a lower price than you’re prepared to pay” $5.00 (or less) pitchers is great, $6.00 good, $7.00 OK, and anything higher should be approved by the Hash Master or Beer BoyAlways get the name of the person who agreed to the negotiated price so we don’t end up in an awkward position when they are not there, and their employees weren’t told about the deal that was cut.

Plan Your Trail

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the trail is laid with flour (not cocaine, and not anthrax, as some idiots have reported to the authorities in the past). Here are some hints:

  • DO NOT USE CHALK! Chalk does not show up, especially at night. The hounds will get lost. Even if you  can see the chalk, it is much more difficult to see than flour and will slow down the FRBs, making them cranky if they don’t just get lost as they usually do.
  • Decide if you are going to be a “Dead Hare” or a “Live Hare.” Dead Hares set the trail ahead of time and are usually back by the start of the hash to run the trail with the hounds. Live Hares are given a 10-15 minute head start and try like mad to stay ahead of the hounds. Pantsing is the custom if you are caught. Live hares are much more fun for the FRBs (Front Running Bastards).
  • Make sure you understand our hash marks. If you’ve hashed elsewhere and do something differently, be sure to let us know ahead of time.
  • Most people use sport bottles to set trails. A few people use a bucket and tennis ball, bouncing the dipped tennis ball as they go.
  • Use Turtle Checks and Boob Checks to keep the group together (dead hares only — if found with live hares they will be cheerfully ignored). Using a variety of marks and checks keeps the trail interesting. ALWAYS brief the hounds if “All trails end or don’t end” (if false trails are marked or not).If it’s a “Live Hare,” tell the HM, so they can brief it to the hounds.
  • If you set a trail longer than 4 miles, you MUST make that trail an “Eagle” trail and you MUST also set a “Turkey” trail in the 3-4 mile range. This is a drinking club, remember?? Google Pedometer is a great way to closely estimate the length of your trail. A good trail will always be “Reconed” by the Hare before they actually lay it to avoid nasty surprises.
  • Put a little extra flour in the center of your checks for the hounds to kick out once they determine true trail.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to set a good dead hare trail. It can take a good two hours, especially if you haven’t planned every detail ahead of time and/or don’t have a helper.
  • If it’s raining, just set your marks a little thicker than normal and step on them to set them in place so they don’t disappear. If there’s snow on the ground, buy some Kool-Aid (about 2 packs per bottle) or Tempera powdered paint, and a good amount of Salt to mix with your flour. When you lay the flour mark on the snow, the salt will melt the snow making the Kool-Aid or tempera paint really stand out. Remember to tell the hounds what color the marks will be!
  • “Shiggy” (muddy, overgrown or difficult to traverse terrain) parts of the trail are one of the base elements of Hashing. However, DO NOT set your trail in the foothills if it is excessively muddy. Shiggy is great, but so are the foothills and we need to be mindful of stewardship so we can continue to Hash in the foothills for a long time.

Post your hash to Hash Mail by 5pm Thursday.

Not on hash mail? No problem. E-mail the Hare Raiser instead and he will post it for you.

Finally, Your Hash!

Lay the trail, have a great time, and accept your punishment!

After your hash:


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