Our Next Hash

Monday, December 12th, 6:40 PM

Hairy's Casa (2816 W. Dill Drive)

Bring $7 Hash Cash , Friends , Hashit , Hash Artifacts , VIRGINS , Cranium lamp

Trail: A to A

  • 2816 W. Dill Drive
  • Hairy Curly n' Low

Hashmas is Cumming: 5 Nights of Themed Hash Events!!




Normal Schedule resumes Monday 12/19 @ 6:40!!! Check out our calendar for the locations!


Hares Needed!

We need Hares!  Go to the Upcumming page and sign up for a trail.


New Mismanagement Announced!

Congratulations to Areola 51 and Pump n Run on there new leadership roles!  Yeah, eh hem, good luck with that.  Suckers!

Also appointed were:

Passhole and Back Dat Ass Up as the keepers of all thing sacred and "pure".  Congrats on your Religious Advisor roles.

Want Haberdashery? See Tiny Cans!

And lo and behold, we are bringing back Tyrants!  Woo Hoo!  The first in the role is miss punishment herself, Konnilingus.

And with that I give you Cowboys Herding Cats cuz that about sums up being mismanagement.