Hares Needed!

We need Hares!  Go to the Upcumming page and sign up for a trail.


New Mismanagement Announced!

Congratulations to Brown Eye of the Tiger! New shit storm regulator!! Congrats to the new big man on management!!

Also, we have some new help!!

Passhole has agreed to stay on as RA and son meister... And he has help, Koni Lingus has joined him as RA!

Rusty Party Bottoms is joining as a tyrant!

We have a new beer bitch (or 2). Rumple Wilskin and Scrotum are now providing the cold refreshments at the Hash!

We also have a hare raiser/song meister! Beer factor!

Last but not least we have a naming comittee!! Please bring your naming idea to these wankers: Silvery Fairy, Cape Cock, Biggles, and Beer Factor