Our Next Hash

Monday, September 1st, 6:40 PM

Phillippi Park ... in the same general direction that Melba is from downtown Boise. (2299 S. Phillippi Street, Boise, ID 83705)

Bring $7 Hash Cash , Friends , Hashit , Hash Artifacts

Trail: A to A

  • 2299 S. Phillippi Street, Boise, ID 83705
  • Too Drunk
  • 8mm Short

We Run

Every Monday at 6:40, we get off our asses and run. It's a different run each week since the trail is set by whichever 'hare' or hares has volunteered that week. That means it could be 1-8 miles and could be a run through downtown Boise or up in the foothills. We'll let you know who is setting trail though and where we are starting though.


We Drink

After our run, we drink! Sometimes while we run too. We also 'punish' bad behaviour and perceived infractions with more drinking while in the 'hash circle'.  All trails lead to drinking - in the summer that'll be someone's house or a park. In the winter, it's usually a bar. $7 gets you all you can drink of your favorite cheap swill. Here's a tip: don't wear new shoes!


Join Us

We run every Monday so just check on this website or sign up for our mailing list so you'll know where we are starting from. You don't need an invitation, just cum. We'll give you a warm invitation! Also, check out our Facebook page. Or drop us a line through our contact form.