Our Next Hash

Monday, December 18th, 6:40 PM

McClearys pub (9155 W. State st)

Bring $7 Hash Cash , Friends , Hashit , Hash Artifacts , Cranium lights , Dreidels

Trail: A to A

  • 9155 W. State st
  • Lou Gags me disease

Hash XMas Party!!!

The Hash Xmas party is rapidly approaching!

It will be December 16th.  Check Facebook and Hash Mail for the details.

Dress nice and come have a fun outing. The Hash will be providing Beer and wine. For food we are doing a pot luck with meat balls and little smokeys provided.

We will also be taking donations for the Idaho Humane Society, so bring dog/cat food.

The Hash Christmas Party is for Hashers only! However, you still have a few Monday’s left to initiate your friends.

There is no cost so just plan on coming out and having a great time!!


Hares Needed!

We need Hares!  Go to the Upcumming page and sign up for a trail.