Our Next Hash

Monday, July 23rd, 6:40 PM

Casa de Scrotum.......and only scrotum......no wilt skin here (5316 W Targee)

Bring $7 Hash Cash , Friends , Hashit , Hash Artifacts , Lube , Wet Wipes , Hugs

Trail: A to A

  • 5316 W Targee
  • Rumpled wilt skin
  • Betty Cocker

Hearts and Thoughts to One of Our Own

Dear Hash family and friends,
As you may or may not have heard, this past weekend, our friend Konnilingus (and her family) suffered the unexpected and tragic loss of her youngest daughter Madison. Konni is currently with her family, and several close friends are helping her as she is understandably overwhelmed. Expect her to be taking a step back from calls, social media, texts, etc. as they try to function through their grief and shock. Please be patient, as we all focus on just being there for Konni and her family.

If you are so inclined, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help with all the unexpected costs associated with such a tragedy.




New Hash Master!

Congratulations to Fruit Cocktail on become the new fearless leader of the Boise H3!


Hares Needed!

We need Hares!  Go to the Upcumming page and sign up for a trail.