Our Next Hash

Monday, December 17th, 6:40 AM

Eastside Tavern ( 610 E Boise Ave)

Bring $7 Hash Cash , Wayward Hashers , Hashit , Hash Artifacts , Cranium Light , Warm Clothes , Virgins

Trail: A to A

  • 610 E Boise Ave
  • Pump N Run

Ninja Liquor – Go Fund Me


One of our own could use some help. Click Here to send some needed love and help. 



Hash XXXmas Party – Sat. Dec. 15th

Hash XXXmas Party - Sat. Dec. 15th
Cum one Cum all, celebrate the Holidays with fellow Wankers and Bimbos!

Who: Past & Present Hash House Harriers & Harriettes
What to Bring:
- Bring an appetizer if you desire (Ranch Club no longer has a kitchen)
- Bring a bag of Dog or Cat food to donate to the Idaho Humane Society
What to Wear:
- Clothes; Ugly Sweater, Formal Dress, Best Holiday Wear.
When: 5:00pm – till whenever *Band Heckor Peckor starts at 9:00pm
Where: The Ranch Club
Why: To Eat, Drink, and be Merry or for tomorrow you may be in Utah!!!

*The hash will do the best they can to sponsor pitchers for as long as they can (low attended hashes = low budget)
**Hosting additional pitchers are appreciated
***No Host Full bar will be available for those wanting something more


Hares Needed!

We need Hares!  Go to the Upcumming page and sign up for a trail.